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Our Mission

Since 2005, Capstone’s experience has been rooted in the ever-growing wireless industry. From initially starting out providing a mobile device buyback option for its enterprise clients, Capstone quickly evolved into providing a full-fledged Managed Mobility Service that included product sourcing, device repairs, software configurations and provisioning, custom kitting and outsourced mobile support services. With these capabilities, our partnerships with the carriers strengthened as a trusted and reliable partner for providing hands-on customer support.

Recognizing the need and the value to adapt to the technological advances that transformed corporate America, Capstone focused on its client’s needs to help manage, maintain and support their wireless investment, from hardware to solutions. No matter what the industry, our hands-on approach highlights our commitment to our client’s success through our cost efficient and effective vision.

Enterprise Mobility

Capstone’s legacy experience is rooted in the wireless industry. 13 years ago Capstone Wireless started out providing buy-back services for mobile devices for enterprise clients.


Many of our clients are in healthcare and we’ve taken steps to ensure HIPAA compliance, particularly when it comes to protecting client information.

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Specialized Services

Wireless devices and data converge over an application to get information to clients changing our world with unprecedented analytics, smart control, asset tracking, remote and security monitoring.


Capstone can handle your project whether it’s a smart home based system, an insurance UBI telematics system or a remote monitoring security.

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What Sets Us Apart

Over the years we’ve shipped countless packages, managed critical inventory and have developed complex support solutions our clients and their individual business needs.


Capstone has a multitude of unique services that can quickly help bring balance and growth to our clients in a simple and affordable way.

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A Little History

Capstone is a dedicated team of professionals who come from various industries and backgrounds within supply chain logistics, telecommunications, engineering and web development. The company was founded in 2005 by our CEO, Joel Urano, and during that time we’ve evolved to provide a complete range of product life-cycle management services and fulfillment logistics. Likewise, with our service range expansion over the years to meet client needs we also developed the infrastructure to support the logistics fulfillment needs of manufacturers, medical clients needing help with device deployments, organizations needing centralized inventory management and companies needing help with configuration, assembly & fulfillment for IoT telematics devices.

Capstone has also pursued and implemented initiatives related to recycling and environmental management systems internally that are EPA and HIPAA compliant. In 2007 Capstone received an eStewards certification and was also ISO 14001 certified. Our CEO and Founder, Joel Urano, also had the pleasure of serving on the board of directors of eStewards and was involved in structuring much of their standards for EPA compliant electronics recycling.

We are committed to delivering quality work, productivity and value. With our systems infrastructure and core business economy of scale Capstone provides your organization with a “hassle free” logistics solution that reduces and even eliminates a very complex operational function that we design specific to need.

Our Partners