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What Sets Us Apart

13 Years of Experience:

Over the past 13 years we’ve shipped countless packages, managed critical inventory and have developed complex logistics support solutions for clients specific to the uniqueness of their individual businesses.

ISO 14001:2004 Certified:

Environmental stewardship and management systems are important to us as a company and we’ve achieved ISO certification to establish conformity.

e-Stewards Certified:

Responsible recycling, reuse and re-marketing for electronics equipment. Why is this important to you? Do you have a downstream, lifecycle solution for your customers to recycle your product when it’s at the end of life? We offer this value add to your organization that will help reinforce your brand identity for future purchases and enable an eco-friendly market strategy for your product.

Mobility Support:

Purchase planning & strategy, provisioning, application loading, device configuration, custom kitting, MDM, help desk, inventory management, repair, advanced exchange, device retention, device re-fresh, buy-back, HIPAA compliant media sanitization, electronics recycling and re-marketing.

IoT and Telematics Specialties:

We’re a telecom carrier partner and if you’re an OEM in the Internet of Things or Telematics industry we can provide and bundle data service with your equipment. Likewise, we have a cloud based billing platform so you can appropriately bill data, collect the proper communications taxes and provide the client with one bill, particularly if you’re providing a bundled product. We can also brand the billing invoice with your corporate identity – your customer will never know Community Integrated Logistics is even involved in the process.

Efficiency and Savings:

When you ship thousands of products, you get really good at what you do and that economy of scale creates efficiency that result in savings for our clients.

Partnership Standard:

We are committed to your success because part of your success means we’re doing our job right. We treat our clients as a partner, we’re the final link between you and your customer. We appreciate the critical role we play in your business we strive to achieve excellence at every level.

Evolving Technology:

As technologies evolve, we evolve. We advance our internal systems and order integration methodologies to provide you with the most efficient, streamlined support processes to ensure that you’re always moving forward.


We’re not a “one-service” fits all type of company. Community Integrated Logistics has experience providing services as unique as our customers and specific competency working with telecom carriers, telematics, mobility device fulfillment, application loading, device configuration, repair, final assembly and custom kitting. We’re a team that gets the job done.