UaS 3D & Orthomosaic Mapping

Essential components of an IoT data solution with 3D modeling

Benefits May Include

Inventory Accuracy
IoT maping allows a business to maintain inventory & accuracy to keep track of each device they employ.
Capstone’s indoor mapping with IoT visualization can bring inventory and assets alive!. From simply just ‘seeing’ everything inside a warehouse to an advanced indoor routes, it begins with the marriage of Capstones IoT + 3D mapping.

Operational Efficiency
Location-based data, improves efficiency in every operation connected to an IoT device. The specifics of the data allow you more accurate and actionable insights enabling leadership to better visualize occupancy, understand sensors, improve space utilization, increase control over organizational assets, and more. The more data the better, especially if the data can be analyzed effectively.

Increased Control And Visibility
IoT devices that are mobile need location-based services the most. Capstone realizes the importance of Location based services and strives to allow businesses to do everything from monitor and locate to secure and manage all of the connected devices from one platform—and all in real time. Our IoT + 3D Mappings is one of the best technologies to use for tracking IoT GIS due to its pinpoint accuracy and reliability. Count on Capstone to enable comprehensive integration of IoT across all your processes, systems and operations.

Enabled Automation
Our 3D mapping platform with IoT integrations help organizations to increase their automation of core processes. From location tagging and automated audit checks to inventory verification, your inventory is where its supposed to be. This data helps companies lower their bank loan basis points and insurance costs. In addition, optimize planning for future events or to a response task if a problem occurred.

Enhanced Data
Our IoT platforms provides additional and important data points that offer necessary context for leadership. This data can prove to be invaluable in helping a company to more clearly understand their current operations and allow them to more accurately decipher the rest of the data that their IoT devices provide.

Geospatial analysis of IoT allows for companies to harness the power of various forms of spatial data can outpace competitors by tapping into new methodologies to analyze existing data.

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