Let’s Optimize Your Enterprise

Managed Mobility – We cover everything mobile!

  • Order Devices + Configuration & Deployment
  • Direct, Distribute and Manage Enterprise IoT Programs

  • Support and Expense Management
  • Manage Service and Secure Retired Devices

  • Staging and Kitting

Count on Capstone

You can count on Capstone for a complete range of product life-cycle management services and to meet all of your business and client needs.   Capstone develops the infrastructure to support the logistics fulfillment needs of device deployments, organizations needing centralized inventory management and companies needing help with configuration, assembly & fulfillment for IoT telematics devices.

Enterprise Mobility

Capstone’s legacy experience is rooted in the wireless industry. In the early 2000's, Capstone Wireless started out providing buy-back services for mobile devices for enterprise clients.


Many of our clients are in healthcare and we’ve taken steps to ensure HIPAA compliance, particularly when it comes to protecting client information.

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Specialized Services

Wireless devices and data converge over an application to get information to clients changing our world with unprecedented analytics, smart control, asset tracking, remote and security monitoring.


Capstone can handle your project whether it’s a smart home based system, an insurance UBI telematics system or a remote monitoring security.

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What Sets Us Apart

Over the years we’ve shipped countless packages, managed critical inventory and have developed complex support solutions our clients and their individual business needs.


Capstone has a multitude of unique services that can quickly help bring balance and growth to our clients in a simple and affordable way.

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Our Partners

Who We Are

We are committed to delivering quality work, productivity and value. With our systems infrastructure and core business economy of scale, Capstone provides your organization with a “hassle free” solution that reduces and even eliminates very complex operational functions.

What We Do

We provide enterprise mobility support and fulfillment services. If your organization needs an expert team to manage smart device deployments and keep track of your investment in cellular devices, we specialize in making and managing your mobile environment easier.

What Set’s Us Apart

Over the years we’ve shipped countless packages, managed critical inventory and have developed complex support solutions for our clients and their individual business needs. Capstone has a multitude of unique services that can quickly help bring balance and growth to our clients in a simple and affordable way.

IoT and Telematics Specialties:
We’re a telecom carrier partner and if you’re an OEM in the Internet of Things or Telematics industry, we can provide and bundle data service with your equipment. Likewise, we have a cloud based billing platform so you can appropriately bill data, collect the proper communications taxes and provide the client with one bill, particularly if you’re providing a bundled product. We can also brand the billing invoice with your corporate identity – your customer will never know Capstone is even involved in the process.

Capstone Scales With Your Business Needs
We are dedicated to help your business scale and adapt to growth.

Get the most of your mobility by letting Capstone handle all your hardware, software and service needs.

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