Strategic Location:

We’re centrally located in Dallas, Texas with 4 day ground shipping to either coast. Our location makes reaching your customers easier, cheaper and faster. Likewise, with DFW being the fourth busiest global airport – we can help you reach the world.

Fulfillment Logistics:

Regardless of the size or complexity of your product, we’ll find the best and most efficient way to process, pick, package and ship your product. CIL also provide value-added services, like final assembly, application / software integration, configuration, custom kitting and testing.

Order Integration:

CIL will create order processing system that will work with the way you do business. We support a variety integration methodologies including EDI, XML, webs services, CSV, XLS and others. Whether we help you create an order transmitting method or we mirror your system architecture, our team will make it happen with ease.


Our custom reporting systems make it easy to track order activity, manage inventory, receive shipping confirmations, look at sales increases, peak seasons – all designed to give you the analytics to better manage your business.

Simple Pricing:

For standard pick, pack and ship services, our core pricing is simple and based upon 3 variables – storage utilization, order volume and shipping. Further, CIL ships thousands of packages and with that comes a savings benefit that’s passed on to our clients. We also provide other more complex, fulfillment logistics services that we can customize for your company’s unique requirements.