Get Your Money’s Worth with Certified Pre-Owned devices.

Our CPO devices are put through an extensive evaluation process that consists of:

  • Visual cosmetic inspection
  • All functional elements
  • 50-Point inspection
  • Software upgrades when needed
  • OEM settings reset

A CPO device is not only a quality device with an affordable price but it allows us to minimize electronic waste and help preserve and protect our environment. 

It is that preservation that makes us proud to offer our customers such devices. Allowing us to reduce the electronics in our landfills and help give electronics a second chance. Let us help you find your second chance devices for your employees, your students, or your family.

Buy With

90-Day Limited Warranty
We vigorously test all of our Certified Pre-Owned devices so thoroughly that we provide a 90-Day Limited Warranty for each one.

15-Day Return Policy
After you receive the device, if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase simply return it within 15 days.*

*Pay only a small restocking fee

Protect your new investment with ease.

Our protection plan helps you secure your device and all of the information you have on it.
Starting at $8.99/mo. for smartphones and tablets, it’s an investment that will pay for itself
if anything were to ever happen to your device.

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