Escrow and Inspection Services

Capstone’s Escrow and Inspection service is utilized by brokers who want to protect their source contact from the buyer and ensure payment. Buyers also take advantage of this service to have an unbiased, pre-inspection evaluation of equipment in order to make a more informed purchase. As well, this service is great for sellers who want to prevent their place of business from being interrupted with numerous evaluations from buyers. Our E&I support is provides benefit to anyone who wants to maximize ROI or make a truly informed purchase.

Neutral Facility Inspection

Capstone is a 3rd party sales facilitator, ensuring that payment conditions are met and the equipment being sold is appropriately authenticated.

Evaluation and Testing

Prior to scheduling buyer inspections, we test, evaluate and document the IMEI or MEID numbers for each device represented for purchase. Our certified technicians perform a complete functionality test for each device and that information is documented along with the device IMEI or MEID.


Along with the testing and evaluation process, we will grade each device based upon uniform standards, taking the guess work out of the buying process. Grading information will be recorded with the IMEI or MEID. This is beneficial for the seller to ensure an adequate offer is received, eliminating buyer assumptions that more often than not result in lower offers.

Inventory Management and Protection

Capstone is a reputable organization with 10 years in business, concentrated on logistics fulfillment and enterprise mobility support. Capstone is bonded and additionally all inventory warehoused in our facility is insured against loss.