Protecting Your VoIP’s Electronic Data 

Cloud Voice by Capstone is a HIPPA Compliant VoIP/UCaaS solution for the healthcare industry.  Partnering with Capstone provides you with a smart and experienced hosted voice provider – Count on Capstone to keep you covered!

Why does my VoIP Service need to be HIPPA Compliant?

VoIP Services must follow HIPAA guidelines because voice messages and recorded calls are stored as computer data.

VoIP features that can create electronic patient data:

ePHI (Electronic Personal Health Information) must remain confidential and safe guarded; and is a HIPAA violation when exposed.

What Should I be looking for in a HIPPA Compliant VoIP Solution?

Cloud Voice by Capstone ensures:

  1. Phones verified with a unique ID – a specific username and password assigned to each phone.
  2. The system provides role-based access controls for administration.
  3. Detailed call records are maintained.
  4. Data, such as call recordings and chat logs, are encrypted and stored.

Additional steps HIPAA Cloud Voice includes:

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