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Capstone provides a wide variety of IoT solutions to meet almost any customer need. With the advancements in IoT a customer is really only limited by their imagination as to what information can be provided to them the IoT sensors. With our Omni-IoT solutions, we deliver intelligence to customers so they can make the right decision to grow their business and take care of customers. Capturing the right data for our customers see the entire landscape and make the best decisions for their organization.

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Capstone’s Omni-IoT platform is limited only by our customer’s imagination. If your organization
has other data capture and reporting needs, please contact us to speak to one of our IoT experts

Automated Temperature Monitoring

This plug-and-play solution is trusted by hospitals, hotels, and food service providers worldwide. Get real-time reporting, and instant SMS text message alerts for around-the-clock asset protection and regulatory compliance.

Lone Worker Safety

When your employee’s safety is paramount. Beacon settings are fine-tuned to each room to prevent drifting. Real-time updates using our advanced algorithm guarantees floor-level accuracy.

CO2 Monitoring

Detects indoor Carbon Dioxide levels while monitoring ambient room temperature and humidity to control public safety and air quality in heavily populated environments. High-precision, 50ppm +/- 3 full-range. Detects CO2 using infrared light. Widely used in grain and produce storage units, chemical plants, and bacteria incubators.

Occupancy & Social Distance Monitoring

Smart technology for real-time visibility of occupancy and space utilization. Occupancy monitoring removes the guesswork from essential business decisions improving and optimizing space utilization across various industries.

Mechanical Maintenance Monitoring

A turnkey predictive maintenance solution that alerts on the status of your operating machines. Prevent failures, reduce downtime, and save money with our powerful wireless sensor with embedded artificial intelligence.

Crop Monitoring

Soil moisture monitoring for irrigation management. Remotely keep track of your crops soil moisture to help you produce the highest yield crop from your land. Couple Soil moisture with our UaS Drone Crop photogrammetry service to create detail reports of your crop health.

Ambient Temperature

Temperature can have a huge impact on your business’ operations and production. Whether you’re in the food service industry, laboratory services, warehouse inventory management or goods in transit industry, utilize our Ambient Temperature solution for real time monitoring and temperature reporting of your assets.

Roadway Frost Control

Our RWIS captures images, monitors road temperature, air temperature, humidity, and dew points providing you real time data with what is happening in your town or city.

Rodent Control

Connected Rodent Control is a smart, automated rodent trap monitoring solution that helps commercial facilities substantially reduce time and money spent managing rodent infestations by instantly alerting facility managers, pest controllers, and an unlimited number of designated contacts via email and SMS text message when a rodent has been trapped. The solution provides real-time updates of trap status and activity, along with automated compliance reports.

Water Save

Don’t waste money on water literally going down the drain with our water monitoring Solution. Deploy our Water Save to monitor water flow and get alerts if your toilets are wasting water potentially costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.

Lockdown Alert

Keep Teachers, Staff & Students safe with Lockdown Alert during Active Shooter events. Manage the entire campus with Occupancy Sensors, Barricade Sensors and Teacher and Staff Panic Buttons to get a real time awareness of what is happening in your facility.

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