Enterprise Mobility Support

Whether through merger, acquisition or when transitioning to new technology – CIL provides enterprise clients with support for company-wide product roll-outs, particularly for tablets and smartphones. We provide application loading, configuration, custom kitting, provisioning and implementation guidance / help desk support and inventory management. Post fulfillment, we provide asset management, repairs, advanced exchange, device retention from employee turnover and refresh (disinfect, re-configuration & re-kit).

eCommerce Fulfillment

Direct to Consumer Fulfillment. We are integrated with all major shopping carts and have an extensible IT architecture allowing us to quickly integrate with others. We provide reporting on all fulfillment activities from inventory levels to order level detail such as tracking and shipping costs.

Retail Fulfillment

CIL provides a scalable and quality focused solution to successfully launch any multi-store commercial roll-out. We can ship to a variety of destinations: direct to stores, distribution centers, boutiques or (drop ship) directly to the end consumer.

Eco-Friendly, Product Disposition Strategy

We’re an e-Stewards certified organization for electronics recycling, reuse and remarketing. Why is this important to you? Do you have a downstream, lifecycle solution for your product’s disposition when it’s at the end of life? We offer this value added service that will help reinforce your brand identity as a responsible environmental steward by offering an eco-friendly lifecycle strategy for your product.

Value Added Support / Services

CIL provides wireless data, custom kitting, special labeling, application loading, device configuration, final assembly, testing and inventory management. Our final assembly service reduces cost and time to market. We also provide device configuration, application loading, provisioning, implementation guidance and support. Down-stream lifecycle services for eco-friendly product strategies are also offered through value added services.

Order Integration

Regardless of where you are at as a company and even if you have no IT resources, we’ll customize an order processing solution that works for you – whether it’s by uploading a CSV or XLS file, shopping cart integration, FTP or through our customizable web portal for orders and service.

Reverse Logistics

Maintaining brand identity on a post sales basis is integral to having an effective returns strategy. When a replacement item is necessary, CIL will provide a prompt response to action to ensure customer satisfaction. We also provide testing, repair and inventory disposition based upon your requirements – allowing you to maximize the value of returned inventory assets. CIL provides a refresh service for working assets that are returned: disinfecting, factory reset and re-kitting.