Specialized Services

IoT and Telematics:

Wireless devices and data are converging on an application level to deliver information to consumers and companies in a way that’s transforming our world with unprecedented analytics, smart home control, asset tracking, remote monitoring, and security monitoring. The legacy foundation of our organization is related to wireless telecommunications and Capstone has provided services related to application loading, device configuration, gateway configuration, testing, repair, custom kitting and final component assembly for wireless systems over the years. Capstone has the experience and knowledge to handle the back-end, fulfillment support for your project whether it’s a smart home (IoT) based system, an insurance UBI (usage based insurance) telematics system for drivers or a remote monitoring security or analytics system. We also have a billing platform in place to appropriately apply necessary taxation to rebill air-time data, M2M data. This service can be “white labeled” with your corporate identity – another seamless service from start to finish.

Assembly, Testing, Repair and Disposition

Capstone has a credible technical services depth that few companies can match. We have certified electrical technicians on staff and provide forward and reverse logistics solutions where we fulfill final assembly, testing or repair. Capstone also a certified e-Stewards electronics recycler, so if you’re interested in creating an end of life, disposition strategy for your electronics products – Capstone will make it happen.

Kick Starter: fulfillment logistics

It has been discussed, written about and some of us have experienced it personally – receiving your reward product(s) on time with responsive delivery is one of the more visible challenges for successful crowd funding campaigns. Companies amaze backers with their products then sometimes implode when it comes to fulfillment. We’ll help you carry that amazement throughout the process to the final leg of your campaign, the fulfillment cycle. You’ll have our experience and efficiencies on your side not to mention the savings you’ll realize as a result of our shipping volume.